a web series about Drake's secret siblings

created and written by Nick Casalini and Muriel Montgomery


Muriel Montgomery, Tony Tucker, and Randolph Thompson

About Fam Club:
Muriel Montgomery and Nick Casalini created Fam Club together for a few very serious reasons: they're married and Nick likes to make Muriel do ridiculous things, Tony looks like Drake, and Drake is king. 

Nick, Muriel, Randy and Tony perform improv together on Sunday nights at The Ruby LA with the improv team, KAREN. They also met three awesome comedians/producers/filmmakers/friends at The Ruby: Kyle, Rob and Dwayne - who recently formed Oscar's Kitchen Productions. 

With Oscar's Kitchen as the crew, Nick and Muriel spent all their money on crafty and a subscription to the Adobe Cloud, and made a web series. Mostly, Nick and Muriel are writer-comedian-actors-waiters but for this project there was no limit to the amount of hyphens they were ready to tack on. 

Private links to the entire first season available upon request.

Thank you for watching Fam Club!